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Shift Self-Sabotage (Group)

11 JAN. Weekly Live. Parts Work Coaching. Inner Transformation.

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Self-sabotaging patterns are a classic example of inner conflict: One Part of you wants to do this, however, another Part of you doesn’t. And you fight against this Sabotaging Part of yourself... Experiencing so much inner conflict makes it very difficult to get anything done! It’s also exhausting, which lowers energy and motivation for doing things. The truth is: you can't win this inner battle with rational thinking, discipline, or forcing willpower on yourself. Because self-sabotaging behavior has many hidden emotional drives and involves complex psychological aspects. When an inner conflict is going on, you feel torn apart by various anxieties and inner objections that may be plaguing you... Emotional dis-balance is the root cause of your self-sabotage, therefore this has to be dealt with at a deeper inward-driven level. Everything else is waste of time and money. Please remember, taking congruent action doesn’t start with your decision in your head; it starts at the unconscious deep level. THERE IS AN EASIER WAY! Imagine a life where you never had to fight with yourself again! Because if you were completely congruent about not wanting to do something, you simply don’t do it. And feel good about it! And if you are completely congruent about doing it, then you simply take the right action and the next possible step automatically! From within. Without forcing yourself. PARTS WORK & GESTALT MENTAL COACHING Say adieu to self-sabotaging patterns and end inner tug war with yourself! Once and for all. Using the Parts Integration Process of Core Calmfidence® you will resolve your inner conflicts at the deepest possible level, turning these Sabotaging Parts into your supporting Allies. When you learn to cooperate with your conflicting Parts, you stop self-sabotaging as a natural consequence. No more forcing willpower on yourself or the pain of self-restriction. No more disappointments with self-discipline, no more struggles, and inner conflicts! WHAT YOU CAN RESET – Release self-sabotaging patterns – End inner conflicts (because you'll experience deep healing on these sessions) – Take automatically right actions HOW IT WORKS: 4 Weekly Live, Inward-driven 90-Min Group Sessions on Zoom, every Tuesday. Safe and confidential small groups. YOU CAN: – Join every week or drop in when you need extra support – Watch the replays (just as powerful as live) – Share or turn off your camera (your choice) Reserve your spot below and start rewiring!


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